Team Roster/Lineup Card

  1. Log into the teams HYSC / SI Play website here  
  2. Select “Team Website” for the team that you will enter jersey #’s and print rosters – if you have 2 teams, you will have to do this for each team one at a time
  3. Make sure that you are logged into your team account (Note: you may need to select login in upper right hand part of the screen).  If you are logged into your team, on the lower left hand side of the screen you will see “Coach Tools” with several choices below Coach Tools
  4. Below Coach Tools, select “Manage Team Info”. You will then see the names of all of the registered players on the team
  5. Select each player (1 at a time), enter their jersey # and select “Save” after each one
  6. Once all jersey #’s have been added and saved, under Coach Tools select “Print Rosters
  7. Then Select “Lineup Card” – and your team roster will be exported to excel.  Open the document and make sure all player and coaches names are listed and all players have jersey #’s.  
    1. Save a copy of the roster and then print 10 copies – 1 for each game in the season
    2. You must bring a printed copy of your roster to every game – and the coach must sign the roster and fill in the date and game details.

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